Zaclon India Ltd. the manufacturers of well known "Starlight" range of lighting equipments Rechargeable LED Torch, Rechargeable Bulb Torch, Handy LED Torch, LED Lamp & Lantern, Fishing Net Torch, Multi Color Flashlight, USB Fan, Power Bank, Other Products etc.
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As a manufacturing and trading company, Zaclon India Ltd. has been involved in to the manufacturing, supplying and exporting of wide range of consumer durable utility products including Led Lighting Products of immense use and applications since its inception in 1994. The products are highly acclaimed for their superior performance efficacy and are of premium quality.

The product list comprises of LED Torch - both normal standard type and Recahrageable versions, Rechargeable Bulb Torch, Non Chargeable & Rechargeable LED Lamp & Lantern, Head Lamp, Handy LED Torch - both non chargeable & rechargeable types, Multi Colour Flashlight, Rechargeable Flashing & Flickering Torch, Power Banks, Digital Portable FM Radio, USB Fan and USB Fan with Led, Torch Accessories like Reflectors, Batteries, Chargers, Plastic Tiffin Box, Household Products like Glass Wipers, Plastic Basket, Bucket, Combs etc, Industrial usables like Plastic Crates, Specific Utility products like Plastic Skewer, Plastic Net Pots, Pipe Fitting Connector, Window Fittings Connector, Door Fittings, Luggage Accessories and Plastic Accessories include Bags Buckle Fitting etc.

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